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Commercial fleet insurance

If your business owns three or more vehicles, you have a commercial fleet, even if you bought them at different times. In fact, if you bought them at different times, they are likely to have policies and renewal dates individual to each vehicle. Insuring them under one policy can save time and money, not to mention the convenience of only having to renew one policy every year.

A Commercial Fleet policy from Tradesure Insurance will be tailored to suit the needs your business so it represents the best value, the right cover at a competitive price. It will also be flexible, allowing you to add or remove vehicles with a simple phone call.

See how much time and money you can save with a Commercial Fleet policy from Tradesure Insurance, commercial insurance experts.

Commercial fleet insurance

At Tradesure Insurance we specialise in offering business owners like you a one-stop shop for your insurance needs.

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Can I cover all my vehicles under one policy?

A commercial fleet policy can cover cars and commercial vehicles up to 7.5ton gross vehicle weight.

Can I drive the vehicles for social domestic and pleasure?

Yes. Your policy can cover you for business use and social domestic and pleasure.

Can you cover me if I am based in Northern Ireland?

Yes, we can.

Do I have to name all drivers on the policy?

No, you can name driver’s if you wish to keep down the cost or if you prefer we can offer the following range of open driving options, Any driver over 21, Any diver over 25 or Any driver over 30.


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