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How to minimise the cost of your motor trade insurance policy

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minimise the cost of your motor trade insurance

Whether you’re a dealer, a mobile mechanic, a body shop owner or a valet, there are ways for anybody working in the motor trade to avoid rising insurance policy costs. These include measures to reduce claims of your own, measures to reduce claims against you and other ways to generally make sure you’re not paying over the odds.

Find a reliable local garage

If repairs are not your specialism, then a good local garage can save you money on your policy costs simply by using them for minor repairs rather than making a claim.

Discuss your policies in person

Many online insurance services are good, but having the one-to-one client services that Tradesure provides means your account manager can talk through the finer details of your trade activity and apply their expertise and experience to ensure you get the best quote possible, both in terms of appropriate, tailored cover and price.

Develop great customer service yourself 

As a professional tradesman, your customer relationships are a key part of your business. Over time, as you develop a rapport with people you will reduce the chances of minor accidents or incidents being dealt with via claims. A promise based on trust and a speedy resolution will save you money every time, so always aim to develop great customer relationships.

Review your business

Regularly reviewing your motor business operations will ensure your insurance is suitable and appropriate. Your Tradesure account manager will be able to speak to you about how you can make savings.

Choose the best payment options

Check which insurance payment options will cost you the least in the long run and look at things like finance packages, paperless billing, payment methods and associated charges. With Tradesure, we provide low interest rates and always inform you of any additional fees upfront, which isn’t too common in the industry.

Drive safe

Okay, so this one’s obvious, but taking the time to go carefully with other people’s vehicles as well as your own is going to safeguard you from avoidable accidents that result in a claim and affect your future policies.

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