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Increase in Van and Tool Theft: The Trader’s Response

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Recently, UK tradesmen are grouping together to get their voices heard about their fears in regards to recent spikes in van and tool theft. Having anything stolen from you is a large inconvenience but the fear of having your livelihood taken away is a major cause for concern.

A Spike in Crime

There is a growing consensus that those who commit van and tool theft are not punished enough. Some claim that you can get away with a measly £80 fine. This is in a large contrast to the damages and loss of earning caused by having to cancel jobs and contracts due to stolen equipment.

This upsurge in concern is being linked to a suspected increase in van and tool theft. News outlets have been reporting increases in van and tool theft with claims that keyless technology is a cause. One of the standout stories is of an incident where thieves managed to steal a van and its contents in under 6 minutes.

The Response

In reaction to all this news tradesmen have taken to the internet and started a petition. Last month van drivers on social media started their own trending hashtag with #noVANber which helped the petition towards its target. If you don’t already know, once a petition reaches 100,000 it has to be discussed within parliament and this one is over 25% of the way there.

The increasing traction that the petition is making has caused the Government to issue a formal response. The full statement can be found here and if you would like to support this petition you can also sign up to add towards the 100,000 goal.

Keeping Tools Covered

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