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If you only need motor vehicle insurance for a few days talk to Tradesure and we will see you covered.

Our flexible, short-term cover is perfect for those looking for motor vehicle insurance that lasts from just one to 28 days. So if you cover to get back to your premises, or need to deliver to customer, get a quote today.

Like all our motor vehicle insurance policies, specialists or otherwise, our short-term insurance is tailored to your need, when you need it.

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Want to know how short-term insurance works?

Check our FAQs below, and if not, contact us and let us know how we can help.

Will this insurance cover me to drive hire/rented cars?

No, this policy will only cover you to drive a car that is covered by a current motor vehicle insurance policy. It is there to sit alongside that policy so that should you be involved in an accident the policy holder’s NCB is not affected. The only exception to this would be on hire/rented motorhome vehicles.

What is the maximum size of vehicle I can insure on this policy?

We can insure up to a 3.5 tonne vehicle or a 5 tonne motorhome.

Will my trailer/caravan be covered?

Yes. The motor vehicle you drive will be covered fully comprehensive and anything you tow will be covered on a third party only basis.

I do not own the motor vehicle; can I still buy short-term cover?

Yes you can, as long as you have full permission from the owner.

What type of licence do I need to take out short-term cover?

You will need to have a full UK or EU driving licence. We do however also accept an Australian or New Zealand driving licence though please bear in mind there may be some additional terms and conditions.

Who do I call if I need to make a claim on this insurance?

The telephone number for making a claim is 0800 0156 166. The call will be free any landline but your mobile phone provider may charge you for these calls.

Will short-term cover insure the motor vehicle outside the EU?

No, this insurance cover is only valid if you are driving in any EU country.

My motor vehicle has been impounded; can I use short-term cover to get it back?

No, our short-term motor vehicle insurance policy does not cover seized or impounded vehicles.

frequently asked questions

Q. Do I Need A Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

A. If you are trading vehicles, buying and selling them on a part time or even full time basis then you will need a motor trade insurance policy. If you are repairing or servicing other people’s vehicles, where you have a customer’s vehicle in your care, custody or control for the purpose you will need a Motor Trade Insurance policy…


Q. Can I get immediate cover over the phone?

A. Yes you can. With Tradesure Motor Trade Insurance, we know how important your business is to you so we make insuring your trade as simple and quick as possible. We provide immediate cover once payment has been setup, or if you’ve paid in full if you prefer…


Q. Will You Update The MID On My Behalf? Does This Cost Anything?

A. We will do and for absolutely nothing. We do this for free for our customers. Just bear in mind you need to contact us during our opening hours…


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