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Considering taking out a part time motor trade insurance policy?

If your primary work is another business however you buy and sell vehicles in your spare time, or you repair vehicles in your spare time then you need to consider taking out a part time motor trade insurance policy.

What is part time motor trade insurance?

What is part time motor trade insurance?Part time motor trade insurance is designed for the individual who only works in the motor trade on a part time basis. If you like to earn extra cash over the weekend by buying and selling cars then you are able to apply for part time motor trade insurance. If you repair vehicles throughout the year but it’s not your primary job then again you could benefit from part time motor trade insurance.

What does part time motor trade insurance cover?

Part time motor trade insurance cover will keep you covered legally on the road whilst your are driving a vehicle to and from a location. If you’re assisting with someone who has issues with their vehicle, and you want to take it for a test drive, with a part time motor trade insurance policy, you know that their vehicle is covered.

What proof is required to be a part time motor trader?

You need to provide evidence that you are working within the motor trade. Insurance companies like to see receipts to show you have purchased the vehicle and a receipt when sold. If you work in repairs the keep the receipts for purchased parts and other expenses.

Is there a minimum number of vehicles that need to be traded over a year?

There will be a minimum number of vehicles that you need to trade in order to qualify for motor trade insurance. You need to prove that you are buying and selling or servicing and repairing a certain amount of vehicles throughout the year. Each insurance provider has their own minimum, so call Tradesure Insurance to see what your options are on 0121 248 9300.

Is Road Risk Insurance the right cover for a part time motor trader?

Is road risk the right cover for a part time motor trader?Ideally we have found that road risk insurance is the most ideal and suitable insurance cover you need if you’re a part time motor trader. You won’t need the additional cover on the premises or business location you work from in most cases, particularly if you are buying and selling from home. Road risk insurance covers your to drive vehicles that you do not own in order to carry out your business needs.

It is worth noting that this type of cover does not cover the loss or damage to a vehicle while they are at a business premise. Then you would be better suited to a combined traders insurance policy.

To find out more, speak to one of our personal client managers today on 0121 248 9300. We will help you to understand the right policy for you and the type of cover you will need.

Other motor trade insurance scheme we offer:

If you regularly find yourself using your van to help your business you may be in need of van insurance. Commercial van insurance will keep you covered in many motor trade occasions so it’s worth calling us to find out more.

Protect your business in case anyone gets hurt as a result of your business. We supply public liability to motor traders as part of your policy or as a separate add on if you need.

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