Partnering with Edward’s Trust to support bereaved children and families

11 Nov, 2022

Tradesure Insurance Services are partnering with local charity Edward’s Trust to help support children, young people and families facing loss and surviving bereavement in the West Midlands.

Edward’s Trust is a specialist provider of holistic family bereavement support, based in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The Trust was founded by Peter and Hilary Dent in 1989 in memory of their son, Edward, who died of cancer when he was 7 years old.

The Trust offers a range of social and therapeutic activities including, play therapy, wellbeing therapy, support groups for young people bereaved of a sibling or parent, and a range of counselling services. They also support to professionals working with bereaved families.

“It’s been our desire for some time to partner with a local charity where we can help to provide long-term fundraising and other support, here in our community,” says Mark Wilkinson, MD at Norton Insurance Brokers, the family business to which the Tradesure brand belongs.

“In getting to know the team at Edward’s Trust, we’ve seen just how essential their work is to those experiencing deep personal loss.”

Edward's Trust house Edgbaston
Edward’s Trust house, Edgbaston – a stone’s throw from Tradesure HQ

The Trust now offer support and guidance to around 600 families a year, equating to around 3,000 family members. They aim to respond to the needs of the whole person, recognising the total experience of grief and its very personal nature.

“The team have kindly taken the time to come in and speak with all our staff, explaining the work they do and what’s needed to help it to continue,” says Mark. “All of us here sincerely hope we can help in this goal.”

You can find out more about the work of Edward’s Trust at We will be running a number of fundraising activities in the future to support their vital work.