As a family-run business, we’ve been arranging personalised motor trade insurance solutions since 1965. 

Our definition of success is getting each of our customers the best possible cover at an affordable monthly cost, while delivering a highly rated service and the support to back it up. 

  • We’re independent motor trade insurance brokers; we work with a broad panel of specialist care trade and classic insurers in the UK to find you the best, lowest cost policy
  • Dedicated personal service – you can talk to the same person when you call us
  • Free MID updates: we’ll keep the Motor Insurance Database updated for you
  • Quick quotations and document issue – request a motor trade insurance quote online and we’ll get right back to you in working hours
  • We can transfer your No Claims Bonus from a private motor insurance policy, motor trade policy or commercial vehicle policy, up to 50% after five years
  • We can help you get cover for your business premises and your home
  • Get liability insurance, cyber cover to protect against cyber attacks, and much more


Motor trade insurance is a type of cover designed specifically for motor traders and anyone else who works with vehicles, including classics and other high value cars. It can help cover expensive costs for things like accidental damage, theft and injuries that are related to using cars, vans or other vehicles for work.


If you’re a UK business or self-employed person responsible for other people’s vehicles, then motor trade insurance is a legal requirement.

This means that if your work involves servicing, valeting, MOTing or repairing cars, the recovery of vehicles, or attending breakdowns, you’ll need motor trade insurance for your business to run legally. If you’re trading, buying or selling vehicles, you will also need to be covered. That goes if you’re a mobile trader as well. You can get a full-time or a cheaper part-time motor trade insurance policy, depending on your working hours and business needs. 

Note that in addition to motor trade insurance, you will need trade plates for cars temporarily in your possession, if you plan to drive them on public roads.


Motor trade insurance covers the vehicles you have in your control or care, and it covers you to drive other people’s vehicles on public roads. Combined motor trade insurance can also protect your business premises and tools in transit, as well as provide cover for personal accidents and more. 

There are two kinds of motor trade insurance available; take some time to compare the options and choose the cover that works best for you.


Road risk insurance covers you to drive vehicles on the road, and protects you against the costs of damage, fire and theft. 

  • Covers the vehicles in your control
  • Covers you to move vehicles between locations to buy, sell or repair them
  • Can offer third party, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive cover depending on your needs


Also known as combined road risk insurance, or commercial combined insurance, this offers enhanced road risk cover that’s fully customisable to your needs. 

  • Covers your business premises, including contents, tools and other equipment 
  • Can include employers liability insurance and public liability insurance
  • Tailor your policy with a range of additional extras, including personal accident, replacement locks and exhibitions cover


Ready to get the ball rolling with a road risk or combined motor trade insurance quote? Or perhaps you’d like to find out what liability insurance you can add to your policy, and how much you’ll pay for it?

To us, there’s no such thing as an average customer, which is why we like to talk to you before we quote. Simply fill in and submit the online form below and we’ll get back to you shortly. Or call our trade insurance team directly, on 0121 248 9300.

Do I qualify for motor trade insurance?

With the right proof of trading, the majority of motor traders will qualify for insurance, but there are some basic checks to be aware of before you apply. 

You have to be the owner or sole trader in charge of your company, and typically you need to be 25 or over (although some insurers will cover younger applicants). The proof of trading you’ll need to get motor trade cover can include some or all of the following:

  • Copies of purchase invoices and sales receipts for vehicles bought and sold
  • Auction house invoices and memberships
  • Copies of any invoices and receipts for parts or work carried out on any customer vehicles
  • Copies of any advertisements
  • Submission of accounts
  • Copies of stock book

The evidence you’ll need to supply will vary depending on the type of motor trading you’re involved with, so don’t worry if you don’t have all of the above. If you’re unsure whether you’ve got the right documents, get in touch and we’ll go through them with you.

Information your insurer will need

In addition to proof of trading, there’s a range of other information you should supply when you apply for motor trade insurance – or if your circumstances change during a policy term – including: 

  • Full information about your occupation, including whether you’re a full- or part-time motor trader, and if you have any other paying jobs
  • Your own address (and any changes to your address in the future)
  • Where you park your vehicle – for example on the street or in a locked garage
  • Your driving licence and proof of no claims bonus if you have it
  • Information about any additional drivers that will be using your vehicle and whether you use it for personal errands as well as business
  • Any vehicle modifications you make to your vehicle

It’s important to keep on top of this to protect your insurance validation. For more information, read our blog post on some of the more common reasons why motor trade insurance policies can get cancelled


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What's the maximum number of vehicles I can insure on a motor trade policy?

There is no restriction on the number of vehicles you can cover, but you will need to tell us the maximum value of any one vehicle. If you drive a vehicle worth more than this you will only be paid out the maximum you declared at the start of your policy. This can be increased at any time during your policy; just give us a call.

Can I get immediate cover over the phone?

Yes – we can provide immediate cover over the phone once payment has been set up (or paid in full if you prefer).

Can I get motor trade insurance with points on my driving licence or criminal convictions?

You must declare any points, county court judgements (CCJs) or criminal convictions (from littering to speeding, whether spent or unspent) when you get a quote for motor trade cover. Convictions may affect the price of your insurance policy premiums. If you don’t fully declare these to your insurer, your policy could be cancelled and you might struggle to get motor trade insurance in the future.

What is combined liability insurance?

Commonly a business will take out both public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance together – this is known as a combined liability policy. At Tradesure we offer combined liability insurance with additional cover for:

  • Product liability insurance
  • Directors’ and Officers’ insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Trustee insurance


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