Protect your business from claims made against you

However careful you are, accidents can happen – and every business needs protection. If you have employees, or if you come into contact with members of the public while you work, there are special kinds of liability insurance which can protect both you, your employees and members of the public. With the right liability cover, you have peace of mind that if someone gets hurt on your premises or on the job, you’re covered in the event of a claim.


Liability insurance is a type of insurance cover that is designed to help protect businesses against the potential costs of claims against them, for example for injury, illness or damage to property.

There are a lot of different kinds of liability insurance, some personal and some for business. The main two kinds of liability cover that small businesses need to consider are employers liability insurance, which is a legal requirement if you employ any staff, and public liability insurance, which isn’t compulsory but can protect you from claims that come about as a result of interactions with the public in the course of conducting business.


  • Covers full time, part time and casual workers
  • Standard cover of £10 million
  • Can be combined with public liability insurance
  • Flexible payment terms


  • Covers injury or loss to members of the public resulting from your business activities
  • Covers compensation, legal expenses, repair costs & medical fees
  • Can be combined with employer’s liability insurance
  • Flexible payment terms



We offer:

  • Flexible cover: combine employers and public liability insurance together, or combine the liability insurance you need with your motor trade insurance for a simpler set-up
  • Personal service: we help you set up your policy with the exact cover you need, tailored to your business. If you need to make changes, you can speak to the same person every time.
  • Up to £10 million employers liability cover as standard
  • Flexible payment terms: ask us about spreading the cost of your liability insurance


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Do I need liability insurance?

If you employ more than one person, it’s a legal requirement for you to have employer’s liability insurance. Public liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s sensible to protect your business against potential claims from members of the public, and can easily be provided alongside employer’s liability insurance in a combined liability insurance policy.

What is employer’s liability insurance?

Employers’ liability insurance is designed to protect your business against compensation costs should any of your employees suffer an illness or injury as a direct result of their employment. This is especially important for anyone working in a mechanical, construction or trade environment where there is an especially high risk of injury.

The law says that as a minimum, your employer’s liability insurance should provide cover for £5 million. Tradesure employer’s liability insurance provides cover for £10 million as standard, with higher rates of cover available.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers your business for the cost of compensation claims, legal expenses, cost of repairs, and medical fees, in the event that a member of the public is injured or suffers a loss as a result of your business activities. It can cover incidents on your business premises, at a customer’s premises. or elsewhere.

What is combined liability insurance?

Commonly a business will take out both public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance together – this is known as a combined liability policy. Tradesure offer combined liability insurance with additional cover for:

Product liability insurance
Directors’ and Officers’ insurance
Professional indemnity insurance
Trustee insurance