Car dealers to wear masks under new COVID rules

23 Sep, 2020

Car dealers will need to wear face coverings from Monday 28th September following new COVID-19 guidelines laid out by government. 

The Prime Minister announced the new measures in Parliament on Tuesday (22nd September) and confirmed them in that evening’s coronavirus briefing. 

Face coverings will be mandatory in all retail environments, including car dealerships however large or small. Previously, owners and staff were not required to wear masks but customers were

When dealerships were allowed to reopen on June 1st, the COVID-secure guidelines put in place were just that – guidelines. Now, they will be a legal obligation and dealers can be fined if they’re found to be breaking the new rules.

Fines have gone up from £100 to £200 for a first offence, and Johnson has said that “businesses could be fined or closed if they breach the rules.”¹

The one-metre plus distancing guidelines remain in place, with no changes. 

Anyone who can work from home is being asked to do so; if dealerships have office-based staff, they should send anyone home who could work remotely.² For those who need to be based in the dealership, it’s worth reviewing your COVID-19 risk assessments to make sure your arrangements are in line with new restrictions. 

Boris Johnson warned that these new measures could potentially be in place for six months, but the regulations are under regular review depending on infection rates. 

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