How to look after your brakes

Brakes are the single most important active safety aspect of any vehicle, and having brakes that are looked after and function well can be the difference between stopping in good time and having a crash.

As with anything that is exposed to heat and friction, over time, the discs and pads can begin to fade, with this happening at different rates for different cars because of variables like driving style and frequency of use.


How your car slows down at different speeds should be a strong indicator towards the state of your brakes and you should always test them before heading off on any long journeys.

As soon as you feel the strength of your brakes weaken, or a scratching noise when you press the brakes, you should check them or get them checked out by a mechanic as the pads or discs may have worn away.


The mechanics amongst you will also know that what seems like small changes in the composition of your brakes can mean a drastic change in how they perform.

For instance, the weather can have an effect, as in the wetter seasons a damp brakes system can mean that cars take up to 10% longer to come to a complete stop.

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