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Why Industry Accreditation Will Lead To More Sales For Car Dealers

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When buying anything from a television to a car or house, having trust in the person you are buying from is crucial. You want to be sure that the person you’re buying from is trustworthy and reliable.

Currently, there is no independent scheme that exists to ensure high standards in the skills and knowledge of sales people across finance and insurance products.

So, a new survey has looked into whether an industry-wide accreditation would be popular.

The Results

According to the poll, carried out by Alphera, four out of five UK motorists say they would be more likely to purchase a car with a dealership sales person who is industry accredited.

As a result, Alphera is working with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to introduce a new accreditation scheme for finance and insurance sales specialists in the coming months.

What would this mean?

Accreditation may help staff make more sales, as the survey revealed that it would make dealers more likely to win the trust of female customers. A huge 81% of women stated that a qualification in car finance sales would make them more likely to buy.

The idea behind the scheme is that it would ensure higher standards are given to customers interested in financial and insurance products.

Another result of an accreditation scheme across the industry would be that it would act as a deterrent for phony, sham providers. We have recently discussed how this is a rising problem in the industry with ghost brokers becoming a real issue.

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