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Ghost brokers

Beware of ghost brokers or the consequences might just haunt you

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Have you seen any insurance policies that look too good to be true? That’s because they probably are. We want all of our customers to know about a new type of fraudster, called ghost brokers, who sell cheap car insurance deals that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on!

Ghost brokers will pretend to sell you insurance and take your money without actually paying out if you make a claim. They have been recognised by the Insurance Fraud Bureau as being a huge problem.

Ghost brokers will commonly target members of the public whose premiums are typically higher due to age or income. Often enough, people are completely unaware that they have dealt with a ghost broker.

These fraudsters may completely make up a policy. However, sometimes they apply to proper insurance companies using some of the policy holder’s correct information but change personal details such as age or address to reduce the price.

The consequences

So, what happens if you have an accident? The policy will be completely unusable, as if you have no policy at all!

You will have lost out on the money you paid for the fake insurance policy and may be made responsible for any damage you cause, which could include paying compensation.

On top of that, you will also have to fork out more money to pay for a proper insurance policy.

Our tips to beat the fraudsters

  • Beware of buying insurance policies from unusual sources such as social networks, newsagents or bars and pubs
  • Trust your gut – if it looks too cheap it’s probably a scam

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